How to Create a Speech in less than 10 Minutes

Most of us don’t really have the luxury of creating speeches weeks in advance. And
even if we do, we tend to leave it till the very last minute. I’m definitely guilty of
that. This entry talks about how you can create a speech in less than 10 mins that is
equally effective and to-the-point (without all the fluff!)

1. Start with the conclusion!

Echoing Steven Covey’s 2nd habit, it is critical to have the end in mind. In the case
of your speech, ask yourself what’s your message? Are you convincing the board to
say yes to the new IT project? Are you inspiring your committee to work as team?
Are you persuading your customers to buy your product? No matter what speech
you make, however long or short it is, you ALWAYS have a message!

Sidenote: If your speech is a relatively short one (say 5-10 mins), focus on just
one message. In that way, your audience has a higher chance of remembering it.

2. Three points max

What are three reasons why this IT project is critical to the growth of your company?
What are three ways your team can follow their heart?
What are three problems that can be solved by using your product?

For every point you made, substantiate with an example or even tell a mini story to
underscore your point.

3. Work on an attention grabber

The first 30 seconds of your speech is the most important as your audience will
subconsciously decide if they should listen to you for the next 9 minutes and 30
seconds. So you should always aim to grab their attention right from the start. It can
come in many forms. Here is a list of attention grabbers that you can try for size.

Startling fact

Expert Opinion


Dramatic gesture

Rhetorical question




Reference to a current event

Live demonstration

My personal favorite is the use of rhetorical questions because it gets the audience
thinking. There was once I gave a keynote speech that inspires the audience to live
for the moment. I started my keynote with three questions.

When was the last time you sat down and saw the entire sunset?

When was the last time you have ever taste your food?

When was the last time you have called your mum and tell her how much you love

That immediately set the tone of my keynote. My guess is that most of them have
not done the above three things for a long long time. Asking these rhetorical
questions gets them interested to know what I have to say next.

Together with your attention grabber is an answer to the following question – “Why
should the audience listen to you?” or “What’s in it for them?” This will create a stake
for them and you will have them eating from your hands.


Practice makes permanence! I cannot emphasize the importance of practice! Try out
the techniques as often as you can. You will find yourself getting increasingly
competent. With the extra time at hand, you can then focus on improving the quality
of your speech or honing your delivery skills. In no time, you will be on your way to
become a highly effective speaker!

Philadelphia Funniest Man – won the International Humor Contest at Division Level last year. Absolutely passionate about public speaking and he takes pride in writing articles that are of value to individuals who are seeking to find their voice in public speaking.

Retail Packaged Candy: A Great Attention Grabber for All Your Little Shoppers

Every parent experiences the typical scene in a store where their child is in serious distress over candy. While this is a very frustrating scenario for every parent, it is a situation welcomed by store owners. Why is this? It is in most cases a guaranteed snack sale. Parents openly buy the candy to avoid the embarrassment of their child throwing a fit. Placing candy at registers and other visible locations is an easy way to turn a profit on snack items. The more visible the treats are, the more likely they are to be purchases. Little ones tagging along for shopping commonly get snacks bought for them even when they are not getting noticed. Parents often stop by the local convenience store and make the purchase as a reward or as a way to satisfy children on trips. Your business is more likely to have repeat customers if this good is on hand. With the right placement and a little help from visiting children, candy can be a very profitable store item.

Using Retail Packaged Candy to Encourage the Sale of Additional Goods

The placement locations of retail packaged candy determines how many little shoppers notice their favorite treats. Candy needs to be placed at a level that matches their height. This puts the items in direct sight and makes the above scenario more likely. You can increase sales by also placing candy next to foods and beverages typically purchased for children. The more visible these goods are, the more often they will be bought for individuals of all ages. Children are the driving force for candy sales and should be the main target when selecting snack locations. By using candy for cross promotional sales, you can also encourage the purchase of other goods. Pricing also makes a difference. If an item is over a few dollars, parents are more likely to say no. Keep the pricing low enough that it is appealing and still profitable. Customers will buy more if they do not have to spend a large amount of money for each item.

Wholesale Candy: Low Cost Products That Still Draw Attention

Most children do not care about the brand of candy bought. They simply want candy. You can lower the price paid for goods and still make the sales. Wholesale candy is not as budget straining and actually leaves room for higher product earnings. Buying in bulk reduces the cost per item. Your business will earn more while charging the same price to customers. If you have ever watched a child in action, they are not whining because they want a particular brand of candy. Their attention was grabbed by the candy itself. It really does not matter as long as they get something. This provides a unique advantage to store owners. They can buy a lower priced quality product that grabs the attention of every shopper. If your business is not already taking advantage of the benefits that come along with marketing candy to mom’s little helpers, you are truly missing out. With less money and some strategic marketing, you can drastically improve sales of this traditional snack product.

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